Previous life: Dark wood.

All of our pre-loved furniture is transformed using Chalk Paint™, decorative paint by Annie Sloan. To finish, the item is waxed with Annie Sloan soft wax. The wax seals in the paint and provides strength and durability to the piece so allowing you to clean marks or stains using a slightly damp cloth or chamois with a little mild soap.

Please note that measure is approximate, in cm and maximum sizes are given.


Stag Dresser

  • Manufactured by Stag. Original metal handles. Three cupboards and drawers. Shelving has plate ridges. Seperates into two pieces.
  • Vintage, age unknown
  • Wood unknown, possibly mahogany
  • Exterior: Cream over Scandinavian Pink
  • Interior: (drawers & cupboards) Scandinavian Pink, laquered
  • W133 H198 (top) H77 (base) D46

Code: U70

Setting Ideas:

  • Kitchen – to add French rural charm to a farmhouse styled space

Pomponette Home Accessories Focus:

  •  White ceramic ‘cabbage’ bowl (available in two sizes): Code: TW28
  • Cox’s red Pippin artificial apples. Code: AFF3
  • Yellow artificial apples. Code: AFF5
  • Set of 4 white ceramic scroll heart dinner plates. Code: DPS8a
  • Set of 4 white ceramic scroll heart side plates. Code DPS8b
  • Set of 4 white ceramic scroll heart bowls. Code: DPS8c

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