Leicester: A Modern Day Fight For The Crown . . .

A lot can happen in a year. Turn the clock back 12 months and we were all feeling a renewed sense of pride in the city, preparing to welcome the world for the re-internment of Richard III. Leicester City FC however, were languishing at the bottom of the Premier League.

Forward 12 months and who would have thought! The charge for a Crown story continues . . . albeit differently. To us then, it seems Filbert Way deserves to be as famous as the likes as Old Trafford! For other stadiums, successful other clubs, landmark London and fictional streets, we provide vintage style road signs and they have proved popular . . . if ever there is a time to get the Leicester name out there – this must be it.

Savile Row | Vintage Road Sign | Pomponette | LeicesterSo the idea of our very own Leicester vintage road signs was born. For you lovely Les-tah people, we have designed two for you to choose: Leicester or Filbert Way. Alright me ducks?

Vintage Road Sign | LCFC | King Power Stadium | Pomponette | Leicester

Vintage Road Sign | LCFC | King Power Stadium | Filbert Way | Pomponette | Leicester

Exclusive to us, these quality signs are made from high grade moisture resistant MDF. They have a cream crackled background that gives an extremely authentic road sign look.

Vintage Road Sign | Leicester | Pomponette

Framed in black these signs can stand up independently; great for propping on a shelf, dresser or mantel. Alternatively many people like to drill through at either end to mount on a wall and cover the screw heads with caps. This replicates signs as they would have been hung on the front and side of house walls.

Vintage Road Signs | Pomponette | Leicester

Aimed at loyal supporters and Leicester locals, visitors to the city are also permitted to purchase – since Leicester is (and always has been) fabulous and is now increasingly sportingly famous!

Vintage Road Sign | Filbert Way | King Power Stadium | Pomponette | Leicester


Jo xx