Knobs, Knobs, Knobs!

Purchasing some Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan from us? Grab some knobs while you are about it! On most items of furniture you can remove existing hardware very easily. This gives you the opportunity to choose your own knobs, pulls or handles to complement your piece, colour & style. Why be boring? A clever change of drawer pull or cupboard door knob can make all the difference.

We have about 40 plus styles usually in stock at all times; wooden, ceramic, glass and metal. Great for drawers, cupboard doors & cabinets.

Polka Dot Drawer Knobs | Hardware | Pomponette | LeicesterSome are bright, some are neutral. Some have dots . . . of the polka kind . . .

Polka dot drawer knobs cermaic | hardware | Pomponette | Leicester

Some really suit a retro look . .

Black Stripe Drawer Pulls | hardware | Pomponette | Leicester

Others will help to give a more romantic feel to your piece . . . these floral ones come in a variety of colours . . .

Rose Petal drawer Pulls | Ceramic | hardware | Pomponette | Leicester

Our favourites at present are these melon shaped glass ones – we supply them in clear or various colours.

Glass Draweer Kknobs | hardware | Pomponette | Leicester

Plain ceramic knobs are timeless and always look stylish. Think about the accent colours in your room when selecting.

Ceramic drawer knob | hardware | Pomponette | Leicester

Just a tip before you come in to stare at our knobs: count how many you need at home! It’s amazing how you think you know how many drawers/ cupboards some piece/ room has got – until you get here ;)

Jo xx