Coco: Anytime, Any Place, Anywhere

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So you may be thinking why would I choose a colour called ‘Coco’ when you’ve just made the creative decision to transform your dowdy old ‘brown’ furniture? Well, stop there! You’ve heard the saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ right?

Coco | Chalk paint | Annie Sloan | Pomponette | LeicesterLet’s get this straight. Coco is not just a ‘brown’ as it’s name may suggest and has a few subtle complexities. This classic colour is reminiscent of a warm pigment, Burnt Umber, which has long been used in decorative work.

Coco farmhouse Dining table & Chairs | Chalk Paint | Annie Sloan | Coco

Coco is excellent used as a ‘neutral’ with other colours; reds work particulary well with it due to its pigmentation. It sits bewteen the pinks and reds on the colour wheel. Alternatively it adds warmth & gives colour used independently.

Coco | Annie Sloan | chalk Paint | farmhouse Dining Table & Chairs | Pomponette | Leicester

So, give Coco a try when you next have a project in mind – you may be surprised. It can very much be likened to Martini :)

Jo xx