Shaker Cloakroom

Shaker style is defined by simplicity in design. This non-fussy look is extremely popular for kitchens, cloakrooms or utility areas. This is down to these areas needing to be functional above anything else. With this design style in mind we have introduced our own range of hand-made Shaker style peg hooks – now available in store.

Shaker Peg Hooks | Cloakroom | Interiors | Annie Sloan | Chalk paint | Pomponette | Leicester

These peg hooks are painted in a variety of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ colours. We use neutrals & muted colours to complement most interior schemes. We provide them in 3 peg, 4 peg & 5 peg sizes.

Jo xx


Mix It Up

Did you know that Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is easily mixed? You can mix any of her wonderful 33 colours to make your own colour. It’s easy! Experiment by mixing small amounts with your fingers or a small brush first. Remember to write your ratios down so that you can re-mix when needing larger quantities.

Any colour can be lightened with any of Annie’s whites – either Pure, Old White or Original. We have shade sticks in store so you can see how each colour lightens – how much white you use is up to you!

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